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​After not one, but two traumatic events take place on the same day, Grace Johnson is left to push through this difficult time, alone. Deeply missing the one person who could truly give her the comfort and support she so desperately needs, Grace is left to conceal her own HIDDEN SCARS, that time alone would reveal. After months of struggling to put the shattered pieces of her life back together, a shocking discovery unfolds a dark truth that forces family members (already at odds with each other) to choose sides; turning on each other during a time when their bond should be unbreakable. When the truth erupts, exposing it all, it may just cost one of them the ultimate price!

Hidden Scars II MM Book cover

Hidden Scars II is the continuation of the riveting novel Hidden Scars.


The author picks up where she left off in her first novel, with chaos and turmoil unfolding in the hospital's waiting area. In this epic thriller, the author sets out to answer those burning questions that left readers spellbound; who was gunned down in the hospital waiting area? Could the perpetrator be the same person who viscously assaulted Grace and caused momma and the neighbors untimely death? Who will be next? 


With the imaginary band-aids removed, the scars of hurt, pain, lies, and deceit will be exposed. If you thought the ending in the first novel blew you away, buckle up for this bombshell finale!

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